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Augment Your Home or Apartment with Affordable Accent Furniture

Shortly after furnishing your home or apartment, you may find that it’s not yet the twinkle of your eye—something, in fact, is missing. In this case, we here at Home Stars in Denver, Colorado wholeheartedly recommend that you peruse our selection of affordable accent furniture. As you sift through our room dividers, accent tables, and pendant lights, give yourself permission to envision an even more brilliant living situation for yourself, your family and friends—complemented by tasteful and practical accessories, all available at stellar prices.

Compartmentalize Your Living Spaces: Classy Room Dividers

Ultimately, decorating your home or apartment effectively is all about compartmentalizing. What could do this more literally, and stylishly, than a room divider—ideally suited to bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms as well. When placed in the middle of a living space, a 3 panel divider or translucent folding screen can make all the difference, reorienting your gaze, and accentuating the style of nearby furniture. Weigh wooden screens against geometric motifs, and have some fun with your accents!

Accentuate Any Piece of Upholstery or Wall Space: Accent Tables

In the right hands, at the right price, an accent table can be the greatest boon to any interior—or exterior—if you seize upon it. Grab a woven accent stool and pair it with your favorite chair or table, to add a little extra flair inside your kitchen or living room. We carry everything from the quirky, rustic and versatile, down to the clean-lined and functional, in gold-tones and creamy white accents.

Pendant Lights & Lanterns to Banish the Darkness of Any Hallway

All the suave and classy furniture in the world won’t do you any good, if the lighting and shadow is lacking inside of your home or apartment. Illuminate existing decor by hanging one of our wall sconces or lantern sets from the ceiling of a room or hallway. When it comes to pendant lights, there are no limitations on how much you can augment and accessorize. Bring together minimal and traditional styles, with gold metal pendant lights that shine and stun, like the constellations!